That’ll Do Pig Production arose out of our habit of continually tweaking and refining our projects . Editing raw video into a compelling and professional product that showcases your company in the best possible light is our goal and passion.

At TDP Video, we specialize in editing existing footage into a compelling video through the use of special effects, sound recordings, and graphics. Our large, royalty free library of stock footage can be used to supplement existing footage such as testimonials shot with a consumer camera or professional footage shot on location by other videographers.

As with all our projects, we work with best in class voice over artists to add the human overtones to any video.

Voiceovers, Sound effects, 3D animation, and more!

TDP offers a variation of video editing techniques to take your video from ordinary to extraordinary. Subtle adjustments, filters, transitions and sound effects are just a few of the tricks we use to embellish your video.

For those who need exceedingly advanced videos, our education in 3D animation allows us to create virtually anything!