No Video Footage? No Problem!

Motion graphics can be added to a video for effect or used to create an entire video from scratch.

While not all projects demand the use of video, getting your client’s attention is paramount to getting your brand, idea, or concept across. Streaming motion graphics that come to life before our eyes create a dynamic and professional presentation. What better way to attract attention that to insert well-executed motion graphics? TDP Video Productions develops compelling motion graphic video clips that are ideal for use on websites, training videos, conferences and more.

Using only the best voice-over talent and latest technology we can create motion graphics that tell your story without you having to be seen on screen.

To do this we use a wide range of tools including Illustrator, Photoshop; Screen Capture tools, After Effects, 3D modeling and more…. and then bring it all together in a Non-linear Editor such as Final Cut Pro. All complemented with a large library of stock images and royalty free music.

Check out examples some examples below or see more on our Portfolio page.

Motion Graphics Videos