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Although Kickstarter is not a new development it has grown in popularity substantially over the last couple years.

For those who aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, it is a groundbreaking website helping inventors, designers, artists, and all around innovative thinkers fund their wildest imaginations. Described by the business as “creative projects” young entrepreneurs’ ideas can receive the funding and spotlight they need to become a success.

By launching a campaign through the website you can begin raising funds to meet your monetary goals and funders can see a project or item they believe in become a reality. This platform has excelled many products on to the market successfully turning small start up companies into house hold names.

One catch that can be slightly intimidating is that projects must reach their full goal to receive any money from the campaign. If they fail to reach their goal all pledge money will be returned to investors and they will not see a cent. An estimated 44% of projects have reached desired funding goals meaning over half of the projects presented do not receive the funding they set out for.

So what makes some projects stand out from the other thousands of campaigns running on Kickstarter?

While much credit has to be given to the quality of the idea being presented it is also how the idea is being presented. It is no secret that Kickstarter campaigns with viral worthy videos get the most attention, and as a result the most funding. Those who see their promotional video/videos and are impressed share the project on social media and the campaigns receive unparalleled publicity.

What is the secret to a killer Kickstarter Video?

There are many components that go in to making a campaign video look effortlessly cool and make viewers connect with a project enough to fund and share it with family and friends.

First off, is the age old rule of short and sweet. With the average video viewer holding a minimal attention span you have approximately 1 minute before you loose interest and most importantly the impact you could have had. By getting your message across quickly you increase the chances of your viewer responding to your message.

Second, showcase the positive effect your project will have on the consumers’ daily life. It’s all about the larger picture! A great example is the Coolest Cooler which proved to be the number one most funded project of all time on Kickstarter raking in just north of thirteen million dollars. The cooler features a built in blender, usb charger, speakers, and more. Their promotional video featured families having a blast tailgating and camping without the hassle of transporting multiple devices through the convenience the cooler offers. Instead of focusing on specific functions of the cooler they presented the Coolest as a happier more memorable time with your family and friends.

Another note to keep in mind is to keep your video modern and fresh. If your idea is something contemporary and cutting-edge why would you present it in a worn-out way? Get creative and show your viewers just how inventive you are!

TDP Video Productions is no stranger to developing Kickstarter promotional videos and can help you generate a video that lets your project shine above others and generate the funding you need. Contact us today for more information.