TDP Video Productions was created to provide businesses of all sizes, full video production services. We offer every aspect of video production from story boards to videography, video editing, vice-over talent, animation and more.

As video production has become even more advanced with time, both artistically and technically, we have kept up with video and technology trends to allow our customers access to the most professional and engaging video services. Founders, Paul Wakefield and Jermel Wells formed TDP Video Productions as a joint venture.

Producing videos ranging from commercials to corporate videos, tutorials, event videos, and more. TDP has produced a range of videos for all types of businesses and enjoys embarking on new projects.

We have all the necessary equipment and experience to complete the videography, graphics, and optimization of your video. Our graphic and production services include Digital Video Editing, 2D graphics, 3D animation, and more.


Paul Wakefield
With over 25 years in sales marketing, Paul was a freelance photographer in the UK. At the same time working towards a degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering. After graduating and working as design engineer he entered the commercial world selling high-tech products. Later, he moved to Marketing, again for high-tech products and all the while stifling his creativity.

Jermel Wells
Since graduating from Savannah College of Art & Design with a degree in 3D Computer Animation, Jermel has held several positions including 3D graphics designer for Redsquare Studios, assisting in creating TV Commercials and other video projects.

That’ll Do Pig Video Productions – why the name?

We are often asked where the name came from – well here’s the answer.
TDP is an abbreviation for “That’ll do pig” – the famous line from the movie Babe. After winning cheers and adoration from the crowd Babe, the sheepherding pig, sits down next to Farmer Hoggett whom says, “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”

As creatives we often over work ideas again and again and struggle with the challenge of marking a project complete. Paul, the father of two daughters was very familiar with the movie Babe and began using the phrase “That’ll do pig” as a reassurance to Jermel that a video product had reached it’s completion. The importance of this phrase is that it doesn’t mean that’s fine, or it’s good enough, but is a simple way of saying the project has reached its potential and like Babe it’s time to take a big sigh of relief.

Not sure what we mean? Watch for yourself.